The Calligrapher: Miho Araki

Miho was born in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, into a household of shodo talent - her mother, Naomi Araki, is recognised throughout Japan as a shodo master. Miho began studying the fine art of Japanese calligraphy at the age of five, learning the styles and methods of traditional shodo. She has grown to develop a distinctive personal style - her work is confident and striking and the brush strokes express a self-assured poise and grace. Her shodo is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional art: the meaning of the characters is reinforced through their form and flow blending Eastern discipline with a Western understanding.

Miho's artwork and designs appear on canvas, timber, traditional screens, and even the human body as tattoo art. Her commissioned work includes corporate logos and clothing design. Miho's latest artwork, as well as a selection of Japanese antique furniture, homeware, kimono and original woodblock prints are on display in her gallery Ebisu Design, situated in Elwood.

Miho Araki Art